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JRB Performance & Customs is a diesel truck repair and performance shop located in Three Rivers, Massachusetts, USA.

A Few Words From JR Bolduc, Owner:

I started my business adventure when I was 17 years old and made it a professional campaign at 18 in 2018. I started working on engines discovering my passion around 4 years old, working on RC cars, tearing them down and learning how things go together/ work. During my childhood I was also very into riding / racing dirt bikes. This has basically shaped me to who I am today, I was building / working on personal bikes and customer bikes in my parents garage at the age of 12. I then got the opportunity to work in an engine performance shop at the age of 15 cleaning, inspecting parts and being a help around the shop learning the ropes. As much that dirt bikes and building them was my passion, unfortunately, I had a series of bad head injuries late in my career that pushed me away from the sport entirely.

From there, I ventured off into automotive as I still had a very good mechanical background, went to a trade school for my ASE certifications, worked in about 2 or 3 different shops throughout my intern phase which was 3-4 years. Through those experiences I realized I wanted to do my own thing, learn my ways, do what I want when I want and HOW I want. Following that, I had a very big following from racing that I was getting customers with trucks and cars. Doing stuff for free just to get my name and foot in the door. The shop i was operating out of for the first few months had no power, or water. I was running my compressors and lighting off a generator (that was a pain to get running everyday lol)… From there it has only grown, and our reputation for customer service and the services we offer are second to none. In the beginning to mid stages of my business I dedicated a series of time to my personal car which is a 03 350z with a turbo LS swap, during that build process it has taught me a lot, and also showed a lot of new traffic into our business. Powerstroke diesel is something we are very strong in course with, as my self and my employees have a lot of hands on experience we can diagnose anything and everything related to those engines and service from an oil change to a crazy turbo and fuel set up street truck.
I couldn’t be anymore grateful to be in the position I am today as I see my self and the people around me wanting to continuously grow. We are now getting vehicles from all over surrounding states for diesel repair and performance as well as car (gas) performance. This has led me to believe We would be a great fit to be able to work with you guys side by side.

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Customer Reviews

What Our Customers Say

We take pride in making sure every customer understands what work was done on their vehicle and (most importantly) why. Here are just a few of the customers we've been able to do that for.

I had a bull bar put on by them. They are very reasonable with pricing and acceptional customer service. The bull bar came out great! Very satisfied with their work. They also checked and repaired rivets in my mud flaps just because I asked. I knew about JRB because my brother needed some repairs done on his vehicle and found them online hoping for honesty and reasonable pricing. That is just what we experienced, both my brother and I. They are very honest and I wouldn't go anywhere else from here on in. They have all services available. I would only recommend JRB to anyone.

Susan Fitzgerald

Susan Fitzgerald

I would highly recommend JRB Performance to anyone looking for any kind of repairs or modification work. I had a majority of my steering components on my Ram replaced by JR and I was very happy with the results. I don’t let many technicians touch my truck unless I’m confident they are experienced and are not just in it for the money. JR has a passion for what he does and his work really shows it. I will be returning for future work and I’m more than happy I found someone I can trust.

Anthony Siniscalchi

Anthony Siniscalchi

JRB Performance did an amazing job on my truck! The communication throughout the whole process was fantastic. The quality of work performed by this shop is well worth the price. I would recommend JRB Performance to anyone looking for basic repairs to high end/large repairs. I will be returning to JR in the future and trust him with any work on any of my vehicles.

Dalen Mochak

Dalen Mochak

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