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Sure, we say "From Mild to Wild" but let's be honest — we all want to be on the wild side of the spectrum. We've put together a list of some of the wilder jobs we've done.

JRB Performance mechanics performing a badass build

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Products We Carry

Rough Country
JRB Performance is a Rough Country dealer.

We supply and install Rough Country products for diesel truck owners all over Massachusetts.

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JRB Performance is a BDS Suspension dealer.

We supply and install BDS Suspension products for diesel truck owners all over Massachusetts.

Most Popular Build Mods

Air Intakes Systems

When it comes to maximizing air induction on today’s diesels, the concept is simple. Get the coolest and densest air into the engine in the smoothest and cleanest way possible.

How Does A Cold Air Intake System Work?

A low-restriction filter and custom-engineered tubing system combine to provide a higher volume of air to your engine—up to 50% more airflow than a stock system with a typical disposable paper air filter. More airflow to the throttle body translates into more power to the drivetrain.

Modify & Maintain your Diesel’s Air Intake

JRB Performance has all the parts and accessories you need to upgrade and maintain your diesel air intake system. Make a selection from our wide range of cold air intake parts, intercooler charge pipe kits, and high flow air filters below. Keep your Dodge Cummins, Ford Powerstroke, and Chevy or GMC Duramax diesel running as efficiently and clean as possible. The more efficiently your engine runs, the lower your Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) and the better your fuel economy will be.

There's a reason why air intakes are one of the most popular diesel truck mods: you feel a noticeable difference in power right away.

It's a relatively simple upgrade but it makes a huge difference to the overall feel of your truck.

Dodge Ram with hood open showing engine and MPM logo
Upgrade your diesel truck's air intake.

Fuel Systems

DOUBLE your truck's fuel capacity.

Most diesel trucks tanks range between 75L - 100L tanks but doing a fuel tank upgrade can increase your capacity to almost 200L of fuel.

Sure, it's a mod you can't see from the street but you'll appreciate it when your stops at the pump drop in half.

Diesel truck fuel tank upgrade with new and old tank side by side
Stop stopping at the pump and upgrade your fuel tank (notice the old tank in the background).

Turbo Systems

Upgrade Your Turbo System, Drop-in Stock System, or Rebuild Turbocharger

Using a performance turbocharger is a great way to get more power from diesel engines.

The turbo works by pushing more air into the engine and pressurizing the air intake. Using a turbo can allow it to generate higher power while improving engine efficiency.

A typical stock turbo increases air flow three to four times over a non-turbo engine. However, a performance turbo can increase airflow five to ten times above a non-turbo engine, giving you a higher boost in horsepower.

Lift kit install experts.

Jeep & Truck Lift Kits

Customer Question: I've been wanting to lift my truck for the past few months but I'm not 100% sure where to start. What should I know before I invest in a truck lift kit installation?

JRB Answer: Sitting just that few inches higher can make a big difference to your ride. The main purpose of lift kits is to give your vehicle a higher clearance, meaning you'll be able to take on rougher terrain. The secondary benefit is that it looks badass. No matter your reasoning, there are a handful of things to keep in mind:

Which Lift Kit Installation Type Will I Need?

Every manufacturer has different requirements for lift kits, and kits are produced primarily around the type of drive train your vehicle has. The typical kit includes strut spacers, coil springs and lift blocks. Some kits include replacement trailing arms and control arms. Depending on the type of kit installed, you might need additional alterations on brake lines, steering geometry and drive shaft length to ensure safety and proper driving capabilities.

Body Lift vs. Suspension Lift?

Again, this depends on your intent after getting the kit installed. A body lift kit will use spacers to increase the height of the cabin. A body lift has no impact on clearance, but it does enable you to use a larger tire. If you are looking for a more dramatic difference, or if you are looking to take your truck for some rugged off-road driving, you probably want to consider a suspension lift kit. You can add larger, wider wheels and tires and adding performance coilovers can help you handle the terrain as well. Performance coilovers lift the truck 2-3” and help keep the center of gravity low to help with balance.

Can I Install My Own Lift Kit?

This is rarely a good idea! An improper lift kit installation will lead to all sorts of problems. It can cause issues like premature wear of your driveline and suspension system components, unsafe handling on pavement and other factors that can lead to poor and unsafe vehicle performance. Keep in mind that while you may see this as strictly a cosmetic change, this isn’t a window tint – you are basically re-engineering the undercarriage of your vehicle. Unless you are a master mechanic with years of experience, it’s just not worth it to try to tackle a life kit install on your own.

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